Case Study

Nature Valley’s Quietest Show on Earth is an experimental music program designed to create a new generation of advocates for the U.S. national parks. In recent years, the national park system has been crippled by federal funding cuts. Nature Valley wanted to bring this issue to the forefront of young people’s social consciousness by connecting their love for music and nature.

The idea was to host a series of intimate acoustic performances in the middle of national parks for tiny audiences of just ten people per show, and then use the content created from these exclusive experiences to raise support for the park system. By collaborating with musicians Andrew Bird and Tift Merritt for the inaugural show, we were able to breathe new life and relevance into this issue.

The participants were able to be a part of an unprecedented experience, but more importantly the national parks issue was made relevant and contemporary. Music videos and free downloads of the exclusive content are now available to all – right next to the “donate” button to raise money for the parks. And this is just the beginning.